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John C. Thomas, of IBM Research, has co-organized many workshops for CHI, CSCW and ECSCW and was general chair of CHI 91. He is currently looking at reinventing software support tools.

Yue Pan is a Ph.D. student in the Human-Computer Interaction Design program at Indiana University, Bloomington, co-organized the DIS 2012 workshop on fashion and sustainability.

Thomas Erickson is an interaction designer and social scientist at IBM Research. He has co-organized many workshops on topics ranging from pattern languages to online conversation and community. His recent work has focused on citizen engagement and sustainability.

Eli Blevis co-organized the DIS’12 workshop on fashion and sustainability. He is the director of the design program at Indiana University Bloomington.

Catherine Letondal is a researcher in the Interactive Computing lab at ENAC, the French Civil Aviation University. She assisted in a workshop on Temporality and HCI in Paris in 2008. In the past she has studied participatory programming and augmented laboratory notebooks with biologists, and has done research on augmented drawings for composers. Her research now focuses on tangible interfaces and paper augmented
design for air traffic controllers, and participatory development in system engineering.

Aurélien Tabard is a post-doc at LMU Munich in Germany. He co-organized the CHI-2009 workshop on Interacting with temporal data–

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